Best Dog Gifts of 2022: Under €150

Best Dog Gifts of 2022: Under €150

Does your dog understand the concept of Christmas or Holidays? Probably not…
Do they deserve a present regardless? Of course they do!
It’s time to thank them for their unconditional love,  and repay them for all the snuggles, the security watch and eating the food you drop on the floor and don’t have to hoover.
We have compiled a series of lists, broken down by cost, that are sure to
that are sure to please dogs of all sizes, breeds and likes.
Click on any link below to get more information on any of the products.

Pink Ribbed Dog Basket in Large (from €90.00 to €150.00)
Utterly luxurious and superbly comfortable. Stunning pink ribbed velvet fabric. Available in two smaller sizes.
Unnay Large Cushion Bed (€105.00 and €135.00)
A premium quality choice for large breed dogs. Well filled and weighty making it difficult to shift around and extra snug to lie on.

Zira Memory Foam Rest Cushion (from €70.00 to €120.00)        
This orthopaedic dog cushion helps to relieve pressure from achy muscles or joints. The memory foam reacts to the heat and weight of your dog, adapting and moulding to the shape, giving your pet the right support where it is needed.     

Happy shopping and do get in touch if you have any questions, queries or feedback!
With Woof,
Paula & Biscuit

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