BARKITECHTURE: Where Pet Care Meets Interior Design

BARKITECHTURE: Where Pet Care Meets Interior Design

Barkitecture is a home décor word we hear frequently in 2022. This term is centred on keeping your beloved pet in mind when redecorating or making interior purchases. Barkitecture sees dog owners creating well thought out and designed areas just for their pets.

According to data released earlier this year from Pinterest, searches for luxury dog rooms have increased by a whopping 115%, while the number of people looking for dog beds made from furniture has grown three times. Cat house design and luxury cat rooms are also on the up, with more owners creating stylish spaces for pets to nap, relax, purr and play.

It is not within the scope of everyone to build or renovate a room dedicated to the dog but there are other ways of incorporating this trend into your home.

  • Transform the area where the dog's bed is usually kept into a canine centred space. Fill it with their favourite toys, blankets and activities to help keep them entertained.
  • Make purchases for your pet in line with the colour palette, themes and style of your home.
  • Incorporate pet-friendly shelves and scratch posts discreetly into the permanent fittings of your home.
  • Don’t hide away your pets belongings – discover stylish toys, baskets and storage that complement your interiors. Display them proudly.
  • Consider your dog when making changes to layouts or furniture. How will their items fit in and mesh with the human choices.

Irish company butter biscuit are built on the premise that necessities and accessories for your canine pet can be beautiful as well as durable. Regardless of your taste in interiors they have the products to elevate the dog-house status.

Modern Luxury

The Ribbed Dog Bed (€90.00-€120.00) is the height of luxury. A ribbed velvet fabric in a stunning shade of dusty pink.  Heavenly to touch, incredibly comfortable and beautiful to look at.  This is a firm bed offering great support to the body.

These baskets are filled with flock filling, this gives weight to the bed and ensures the cushion retains its shape. The cover can be unzipped and is machine washable at 30 degrees. Available in two sizes.

Art Deco Delight

Puroni Dog Bowl (from €10.50) A simple and eye-catching geometric design. Suitable for food or water, this chic dog food bowl has a black metal frame cradling a stainless steel container. The bowl can be easily removed for cleaning. Available in two sizes.

Industrial Edge

We see concrete more and more in interiors - as flooring, walls and furniture. Riboco Concrete Dog Bowl €25.50-€34.50 dog is a sturdy bowl made of real concrete. This feeding and drinking bowl fits perfectly with this trend.

At the bottom of the concrete bowl are protective feet to protect the floor from scratches. The food bowls are fitted with a removable stainless steel bowl, the underside has an anti-slip layer to prevent the bowl from rattling. The stainless steel tray is dishwasher-safe. Available in 2 sizes

Minimalist Musings

An interior design style defined by simple furnishings, neutral colour palettes and clean lines is ideal for the Unnay Luxury Dog Bed (€75.50-€125.50) Made from premium quality fabric and is well filled with a flake filling giving a luxury weight and feel, as well as supreme comfort for your dog. Available in 3 sizes.

Scandinavian Flavour

Inspired by the simplicity of Nordic life. Mandira Wooden Bowl (€24.50 - €29.50) Food and Water is a beautiful and stylish bowl for your dog. The bowl is made of wood and includes a removable stainless steel bowl, allowing easy cleaning. The wooden surround weights the bowl, making it difficult to tip over or slide around. Available in three sizes, 13.5cm, 16.5cm and 21cm 

*Pinterest Predicts

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