Penny Jack Russell Terrier Dog talks to butterbiscuit

A Few of My Furvourite Things: Chapter 5

Raindrops on roses? Whiskers on kittens?

This series asks the big questions of the best pets. We’re getting behind the canine curtain and discovering what people, places and things put smiles on their fluffy faces.

Our subject today is super smiley Penny, an adorable terrier with an unusual snack choice!


Name: Penny

Age: 12ish (as a rescue not fully sure)

Job/Position in the Company: DEO of

Residence: Tipperary

Furvourite Treat: Carrots

Furvourite Game: Finding treats in the snuffle mat is definitely the best game. 

Furvourite Place to Walk: Through fields are my furvourite where I can roam and be free. 

Fuvourite Service Provider: My Nana is my furvourite sitter because she gives me the best food. I love when she minds me because I know she can't say no to me as I am her furvourite grandchild. Also, Village Vets in Kilkenny have the nicest people working there and they are helping me to get better at the moment as I haven't been feeling well.

Furvourite Clothing/Apparel: I don't really like to wear clothes but I got a new harness from and it's very comfy especially now that I have a bad cough so comfort is key or so mammy keeps saying.

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Furvourite Furrend: Me and mammy are besties, Toby (who Mammy says is my brother but he's a cat so I don't know how that is possible, he must be adopted I guess) tries to be my best friend but I like to play the long game with him to keeps him on his paws, but secretly I do like him around!

Furvourite Weekend Activity: Taking a trip to Petmania in Kilkenny where they are all so nice to me and give me free treats because as they say... I'm the best girl! Hanging out with my family and some weekends we go to see Nana and Pop where I am spoilt and I love it!!

Furvourite Noise: Even when I am up in bed I can hear the drawer in the fridge opening where Mammy keeps the carrots, I just love that sound because I know even if Mammy wasn't planning on giving me one I always get my way with my puppy dog eyes, she's a sucker for them.

Furvourite Accessory/Toy: I don't really play as much anymore but I do love cuddling up to my Fox teddy that I got off 

Furvourite Comfort: (blanket, noise, person, toy) My human's bed, I always know that I am safe there

This formed was completed by Gina Tierney @furfoxsake on Instagram


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