A Few of My Furvourite Things: Chapter 4

A Few of My Furvourite Things: Chapter 4

Raindrops on roses? Whiskers on kittens?

This series asks the big questions of the best pets. We’re getting behind the canine curtain and discovering what people, places and things put smiles on their fluffy faces.

Our fourth subject is a mature and laid-back fella from Kilkenny. Alfie enjoys a quiet country life.

Name: Alfie Hurley

Age: 13, 2023 is the year he becomes a teenager.

Breed: Jack Russell

Residence: King of the Hill, Kilkenny

Furvourite Treat: A crunchy carrot, roast chicken, or any other gravy covered food from his Mothers plate!! Very partial to the flakes from a pastry from Aran Bakery at the weekend.

Furvourite Game: Fetch!!! all day, every day if time allowed

Furvourite Place to Walk: Around the yard, kennels and fields at home, just checking on everything!

Furvourite Service Provider: Granny and Grandads house in Wicklow, the only place that provides him with couch service!!! 

Furvourite Clothing/Apparel: Red Dingo ID Tag to keep him safe and a selection of Dimples Bandanas to keep him stylish

Furvourite Furrend: Bran @bip86 and Chip @steph.searle But also the best babysitter at the kennels!

butter biscuit dog blog jack russell bandanaFurvourite Weekend Activity: Snoozing by the fire while hooman watches horse racing.

Furvourite Noise: silence!!

Furvourite Accessory/Toy: An antler that Grandad gave him!

This formed was completed by Ciara @fairy.dogmothers.boarding

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