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DogDry Drying Coat

DogDry Drying Coat

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Wet dog mess is a problem.  A never-ending pile of smelly wet towels, damp car and sodden bed kind of problem. That’s how DogDry came about.  Creator Frances O’Reilly needed to find a way for retriever Luna to enjoy her love of the water but without spending hours cleaning up afterwards.

DogDry is a super-absorbent drying coat. Use it instead of a towel to get your wet dog dry. It contains the drying power of 5 towels, is leak-proof, breathable, easy to pop on and comfortable to wear.

How DogDry works

  • Made with 3 layers of performance fabrics that work together to get your wet dog dry
  • Soft inner layer wicks away moisture and odours
  • Super-absorbent middle layer locks it away
  • Waterproof top layer keeps the mess within the coat and out of your car and home
  • Detachable mitt included (To dry your dog’s paws, tail and sensitive ears)
  • Breathable so your dog stays a comfortable temperature whether cold from a wintery splash or warm from a mud-removing bath
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to dry. Can go in the tumble dryer
  • Allows your dog to move naturally as she dries


Fits happy wet dogs of all shapes and sizes. Pure breeds, mixed breeds, 3 legs and 4. Long legs, short legs, big heads and small, DogDry doesn’t go over their heads and has generous velcro fastenings around the chest, belly and tail, adjusting to fit your dog’s lovely body.



How do I find the right size for my dog?

DogDry adjusts for dogs of different body widths. It is carefully designed to that long and short-legged dogs can move naturally while wearing it. It doesn’t go on over their heads so it doesn’t matter if their head is big or small.

The only measurement you need is the length of your dog’s back (In centimetres. American and British customers, think of it as cultural immersion and go with the flow of European measurements). Measure from where your dog’s collar sits on her neck to where her tail starts, when your dog is standing with her head upright. See the size guide for help in choosing the best size. All sizes are priced the same to ensure price isn’t an factor in deciding.

How do I measure my dog?

While your dog is standing with his head upright, measure along the back from where the collar sits to where the tail starts. Measure in centimetres to use the DogDry Size Guide.

How long does it take to dry a dog?

It depends! How long is their hair? How wet were they when you put it on? DogDry starts to work as soon as you put it on, wicking moisture away from your dog’s body. It can take between 5 and 15 minutes to fully absorb all the moisture into the super-absorbent middle fabric. The waterproof outer fabric keeps the mess contained until you are ready to remove it.

Because DogDry is breathable and cut to allow your dog to move naturally, your dog will stay at a comfortable temperature while wearing it and can jump into the car or lie down for a snooze as they dry.

DogDry is a fabulous replacement for towels but it’s not a hairdryer. It gets your dog dry. It doesn’t give a salon finish blow dry.

You need to manually dry their paws, tail and sensitive ears with the detachable mitt. It’s a good opportunity for a little cuddle. Most dogs hate having these bits covered, that’s why we’ve included a drying mitt with every DogDry coat.

Comfort is king! Your dog won’t mind if they wear it for 5 minutes or 500 minutes if they are comfortable.


Washing your DogDry

  • Before we talk about how to wash it, we have one thing to ask. Do you need to wash it?  We think DogDry only needs to be washed when it is visibly dirty, not every time you use it . Flapping in the fresh air on your washing line is usually enough to get it fresh, dry and ready for the next outing.
  • Love it.  Hate it. Or both.  We love how it adjusts for a snug fit on dogs of all shapes and sizes AND we don’t like that it takes a little more care in the wash. Carefully close ALL the velcro before washing.  Open velcro will get all tangled up in itself if it spins around in your machine at breakneck speed.
  • Hold the fabric softener.  Performance fabrics don’t like fabric softener. Fabrics designed to absorb water really don’t like fabric softener because it flattens all the little fibres where the water molecules like to hang out.  To keep your DogDry super-absorbent, waterproof and breathable for longer, don’t use any.  Ever
  • A normal wash at temperatures up to 40 degrees is fine for your DogDry and mitt. Even better if you zip them into the DogDry Laundry Bag before washing . It keeps the dog things separate from everything else in the wash, traps dog hairs so they don’t clog up your machine and reminds you every time not to use fabric softener. In case you forget.
  • Dry it on the line if you can. It’s free.  It’s good for the planet.  It’s easy. Your neighbours will know your dog had fun today.
  • Don’t have a washing line? Rainy day? Gotta get it dry right now?  You can dry your DogDry and mitt in the tumble dryer on a low temperature.  Just remember to close all the velcro so it doesn’t tumble into a tangle.


DogDry is a Waterford based company created and owned by Frances O’Reilly. The idea for the business came from Frances’ dogs Luna and Jerry, who love nothing better than to splash about in the water at Woodstown beach.

Frances got fed up dealing with smelly wet dog towels and decided to design a drying coat that would work for all members of the family. One that would dry the dog, they would be happy to wear and that didn’t leave damp patches wherever they lay down.  And since dogs come in all shapes and sizes, it needed to be easy to adjust for all body shapes.

DogDry - It may be the best dog drying coat in the world.

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