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flexi Classic Retractable Tape Lead

flexi Classic Retractable Tape Lead

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the flexi retractable leash was invented in Germany in 1972 and is the market leader in over 90 countries.
flexi retractable leashes let you walk your dog in a controlled way while giving your best friend freedom of movement to discover his immediate environment. The long tape leash on a flexi adjusts automatically as your dog moves, giving them additional space to explore their environment without forcing you to stop and wait all the time.
We have chosen to stock tape leads instead of cord as they reduce the risk of cuts (even small dogs can pull hard enough to injure you when running) The comfortable, short-stroke braking system lets you control your dog while allowing it to move freely.

New Classic SMALL
5 m tape retractable leash
For dogs up to max. 15 kg
Product weight: 190 g approx. 

New Classic MEDIUM
5 m tape retractable leash
For dogs up to max. 25 kg
Product weight: 270 g approx.

New Classic LARGE
5 m tape retractable leash
For dogs up to max. 50 kg
Product weight: 340 g approx.

Available in 4 colours: black, red, pink & blue
Made in Germany. 

Why not customize with the very clever Multi Box which attaches to the leash casing and is perfect for carrying treats or waste bags wherever you go

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