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Bowl & Bone

Coloured BULLET Rope Toy

Coloured BULLET Rope Toy

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Fetching, running and searching are favourite activities of every dog. A BULLET dog toy by Bowl&Bone Republic is a guarantee of a great, endless fun.

The toy is made of extremely durable string with a mixture of delicate silk and is available in 4 different colours.

The BULLET rope toy has a lightweight construction. A well-balanced centre of gravity makes it possible to achieve impressive distances with a little effort. The fabric is extremely durable and resistant to biting.

BULLET is perfect for throwing, fetching and tugging – it will encourage every dog to play and provide lots of stimulating play.

The dog toy by Bowl&Bone Republic stays afloat in the water, so it will also work while playing in the lake, river or other water areas.

diameter: 7 cm

total length: 28 cm

100% polypropylene

Taking Care of your BULLET Toy

BULLET rope toy is manufactured with the highest quality materials. The precise finish of the product makes it very durable and easy of clean.

Wash by hand or in the washing machine in a gentle cycle at a temperature up to 30°C with fabrics of the same colours. After washing, allow to completely dry. Do not tumble dry, dry clean or use bleach.

NOTE: Dog safety is the responsibility of the owner. You should regularly check the condition of dog toys, as damage may result in swallowing or choking. Do not leave them unattended during play.

 BULLET toy is also available in grey, yellow and blue colour versions.


Bowl&Bone Republic is an entirely European brand, which over the years has created a unique style that enjoys a superb reputation. All of Bowl&Bone Republic accessories are designed by the owner and co-founder, Dawid Rożniak, in collaboration with talented experts using only the best materials. Their philosophy is simple – every pup deserves a healthy, comfortable, and happy life, and every dog owner deserves the opportunity to provide them with the very best.

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