A Few Of My Furvourite Things: Chapter 1

A Few Of My Furvourite Things: Chapter 1

Raindrops on roses? Whiskers on kittens?

This series asks the big questions of the best pets. We’re getting behind the canine curtain and discovering what people, places and things put smiles on their fluffy faces.

First up is the brains behind butter biscuit, the rescue terrier with the face of an angel and the temperament of a Hollywood diva.

Name: Biscuit Mariah Hurley

Age: 12-ish (as a rescue we don’t know for sure)

Residence: Dublin 2

Furvourite Treat: Big big fan of the Beef Chips from Atlas & Tail. Also partial to Spaghetti Bolognese and sliced ham is the ultimate bargaining tool

Furvourite Game: It’s definitely not Fetch. Hiding treats in a rolled up tea towel is a winner - @furbabysireland on Instagram have the best ideas for games using things you already have in your home. 

Furvourite Place to Walk: The best parks for a stroll are Merrion Square or St. Stephens Green. The best garden is in Wicklow with Granny and Grandad.

biscuit and alfie best friends

Fuvourite Service Provider: The vets in Charlemont Animal Welfare clinic are endlessly kind. The team at Honey Truffle on Pearse Street always give treats and compliments.

Furvourite Item of Clothing: Clothing is refused. Biscuit really looks smart in her Barbour Leather Collar and doesn’t leave the house without her ID Tag.

Furvourite Furrend: Cousin Alfie in Kilkenny is her bestie. They play an excellent game of stealing each other’s food and hiding it.

Furvourite Weekend Activity: Taking a morning spin to the beach where Biscuit will tickle her toes in the water and roll in the sand until it gets absolutely everywhere. Then a nice coffee and pastry from Bread41, followed by snoozing on the couch.

biscuit the dog sleeping

Furvourite Noise: The fridge door opening, will appear within 1 second.


If you would like your dog to be included please drop me an email on hello@butterbiscuit.ie

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